Benefits of Joining a Book Club

You might think that reading groups are simply an arena for book worms to indulge in their favorite passion or for you to have enjoyable argument about your favorite story or characters with like-minded individuals, but book clubs actually offer more lifelong benefits than you realize: Everyone knows that reading expands your horizons and book clubs... Continue Reading →



What is a Book Club? If you are a bibliophile and admire books  and reading is your hobby and  first love , then Book Club could be one of the best place to encourage your hobby. There you’ll meet like-minded individuals and you can have regular discussions about books and authors you’ve read, and will... Continue Reading →

Rules and Standards for Book Club

To make a Book Club successful and growing, it is important to adhere certain rules and standards for behavior which prevents pointless arguments or even oblivious offences and helps to run Book Club more efficiently and smoothly. Most of the rules and standards are basic and common sense but it is necessary to remind rules... Continue Reading →

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